If you or a loved one feels that it’s becoming unsafe to get in and out of the bathtub, consider an AmeriGlide bathtub lift.


Bath lifts give you peace of mind and independence immediately after installation.


Extra features like a swivel seat, head rest or lap harness make the bathtub lifts even easier to use. 

Like our other mobility products, our bathtub lifts have high quality components and a design that makes them easy to use and maintain.

The AmeriGlide Luxury Bath Lift is an exceptional product that will allow you to avoid having to step over the ledge of your tub. Unlike other lifts that require you to enter the tub and lower yourself to the chair height, the Luxury Bath Lift will raise you up, allowing for plenty of leg room to safely clear the edge of the tub, before safely placing you in your tub for a relaxing and therapeutic bath.


This entire process takes just one minute and is easily repeated with the push of a button when you are ready to exit your tub.


You can eliminate the risk of falling and safely enjoy your existing tub again with AmeriGlide's Luxury Bath Lift.