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Bathroom Modifications - Walk In Tub
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Bathroom Remodels are referred to as "Bathroom Modifications"

If you need help modifying a bathroom for you or a loved one, you can’t have a better friend than us!

Bathroom Remodels are typically referred to as "Bathroom Modifications" when addressing mobility and safety issues as the main purpose.  However our background in Bathroom Remodeling helps us complete the entire package, while keeping safety first.


Bathrooms are one of the highest danger zones for anyone due to its natural "slippery" and often times wet, environment.  Every bathroom should have safety measures, but as we age we need to consider even more.

Fortunately there are many ways to make a bathroom safer.

  • Increase height of commode

  • Use chair device with arm rails 

  • Use non-slip grip pads for surfaces

  • Lower shower head handle wand for easy access

  • Use a shower chair

  • Increase bathroom lighting

  • Use multiple grab bars

Bathroom Safety Tips

Durable bathroom modifications are a must.  Some products are sold and if not properly installed can have devastating results.  Keep this in mind when shopping for grab bars and shower chairs.  

When considering safety changes to your bathroom, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Budget

  • Scalability

  • Durability

  • Maintenance

Everyone considers a budget when making changes to the home. That is just being reasonable!  However, senior citizens tend to hold back making changes to their home because they are more concerned about resale value than their own safety.  Meaning, they don't convert their old bathtub into a roll in shower because they are afraid it will lower the resale value of the home.  

Real Estate statistics have disproven the rationale behind this behavior.  They have found that most new home buyers like to customize their bathrooms and kitchens. So whether or not you have a tub or handicap accessible shower, your value is perceived the same to a potential buyer.  This means your focus can be on making improvements that keep you safer!

Scalable bathroom modifications refers to making bathroom remodel decisions that allow you to achieve your long term goals.  For example, if you have decided to live in your home but you or your spouse may need a wheelchair at some point, this should be considered in a renovation.  Sometimes it makes sense to line up the toilet and the shower in a certain way in order to accommodate safety devices that are used for lifting and wheelchairs.  Our expert bathroom modification designer can help you sort out the details and make the best use of your space for the long run.

Balance and Stability while Bathing

Maintenance in a bathroom modifications should also be considered.  Today there are a plethora of designs, options, colors and functions to make your shower beautiful while maintenance free.  So make sure to consider an option that means less work for you, when you need it the most!

Mini Bathroom Modification Remodel

At Slip Proof Safety we understand that the budget is a key concern for senior citizens who are trying to make their home environment safer.  We offer a unique way to customize your shower while saving you money over a complete tub to shower conversion.  Ask your Customer Care representative for more information and visit our bathroom modification gallery for more ideas.