Tub cut out

The Bathtub Walk-in Conversion will allow you to turn your existing tub into a walk in tub.


The tub offers a simple, user friendly design that will allow anyone to enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of a warm bath. On the inside of the tub entry, several magnets, which are placed in the lip, will hold a stainless steel door in place as you bathe. The door comes with an automotive-grade rubber seal to prevent leaks and weighs less than a quart of milk.


To put the door in place, all you have to do is hang it from pegs that are installed on the tub's interior. The magnets will help the door fall in place correctly and immediately form a waterproof seal.


This incredibly affordable Bathtub Walk-In Conversion can transform your bathroom into a mobility friendly space and take the danger out of navigating the tub wall.

Get back to enjoying full accessibility to your tub!

This conversion kit is compatible with any kind of tub shell - even steel and fiberglass! Conversions can also be done on garden tubs and jacuzzi tubs!