Incline Platform Lifts

Incline Platform Lift

There are 3 ways for a wheelchair to access different levels:


A ramp is constructed to gradually transition from one level to the next.  This can be constructed of wood or aluminum, with side railings or without.  This is a cost effective way to achieve safe access in and out of a home, but often time is not an option for the inside of a home.  The space requirement to properly transition can oftentimes eliminate it as an option for home accessibility.

A transition is a simple construction to smooth out a minor floor difference in height.

ramp no rails side view.jpeg

An Incline Platform Lift is a lift designed for a wheelchair or assistive device to escalate a stairway.  This solution works best when there is no other logical location to assist and the stairs are still needed and used by others.  The platform can be raised against the wall in order to gain access to the stairs when necessary.

Ameriglide Incline Platform lift.jpg

A Vertical Platform Lift is a personal elevator that has a horizontal platform that raises to the correct level in a vertical direction.  This product has many options as well as specifications and is most commonly used on the outside of homes in order to gain access.  This product is used when there is not enough space for a ramp, but there is a secondary location which makes an elevattor like product a suitable option. 

vertical platform lift.jpg