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We proudly announce we are Certified with Acorn and Brooks for Stair Lift Maintenance & Repair

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Wheelchair Lifts also referred to as Vertical Platform Lifts is designed for wheelchairs when a ramp is not possible or desired.


A Stair Lift is sometimes referred to as a Chair Lift.  It is the safest way to maintain your independence while being able to go up or downstairs.

Stair Lifts

A Pride ® Mobility Scooter or Powered Wheelchair helps you get your freedom back.  As an authorized dealer, you are guaranteed the lowest possible price with unbeatable service.


A Ramp can be custom built with railings or without in order to make an entry into your home safe for wheelchairs and walkers.

Ameriglide Horizon Stair Lift

Ameriglide Horizon Stair Lift

Starting at $1,799.00

Ameriglide Horizon Stair Lift
  • 300 lb weight capacity

  • Wireless Call Station

  • Safety Sensors

  • Comfortable Chair Seat

Ameriglide Rave Stair Lift

Ameriglide Rave Stair Lift

Starting at $2,153.00

Ameriglide Rave Stair Lift
  • 350 lb weight capacity

  • Arm mounted control

  • Keeps reserve charge

       for emergency

  • Single bracket mount

Ameriglide Rubex Stair Lift

Ameriglide Rubex Stair Lift

Starting at $1,940.00

Ameriglide Rubex Stair Lift
  • 350 lb weight capacity

  • Wide seat & thick pad

  • Ultra strong cable grade


  • AC & DC models available

Ameriglide Curved Platinum Stair Lift

Ameriglide Curved Stair Lift

Starting at $5,795.00

Ameriglide Curved Platinum Stair Lift
  • 350 lb weight capacity

  • Completely custom

       to any staircase

  • 90°, 180° and spiral

  • Available in 4 colors

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Life is about living and living well!  You deserve to enjoy your home, all of your home safely and in comfort.  Don't limit yourself due to stairs or limited mobility.  You are meant to enjoy it. There are many affordable ways to adapt your entire house to fit your needs and your budget.

Make Your Home Safe Again....

A stair lift is an affordable and effective way to ensure yours or your loved one’s safety in their homes. Most people are shocked to find out how affordable stairlifts and other home modifications really are. Why take the risk of a fall?

Visit our online store to go through our list of affordable products that include Ameriglide Stair Lifts , stair climbers and wheel chair ramps. If you do not wish to buy stair lifts online, let us visit you to provide a free in-home quote to rent home stair lifts. We also offer after sales services such as stair lift maintenance and heavy-duty stair lift repair.


Slip Proof Safety is an authorized distributor of Ameriglide stair lifts in Chicagoland. We stand behind our service and products and we want you to be happy with your choice. Most importantly, we want to keep you Safe and in your Own Home.

We can customize solutions for you and we never outsource! We have had the same installers working for us for years and we have tons of online reviews, validating our service record.

Barrier Free Shower Base
Walk In Bath Tub
Barrier Free Shower with Ceramic
Walk In Bath Tub
Vertical Platform Lift - Outdoors
Curved Stair Lift
Curved Stair Lift with Rider
Vertical Platform Lift
Barrier Free Shower Base
Stair Lift with Kick Up track
Barrier Free Shower Base
Vertical Platform Lift for garage
Straight Stair Lift
Outdoor Stair Lift
car chair lift
walk in tub
verticle platform
car lift for scooter