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What Grandma Wants for Christmas

As the Holidays quickly approach, many of us will visit Grandma. If you are like me, finding a gift for the holiday is always such a chore! What do you get for someone who doesn’t want anything?

Here is a fun and easy way to find a gift for granny that she is sure to love.

First, identify what type of Grandma you have, then click on the link to discover the Best Christmas Gift Idea for Grandma this 2017!

Types of Grandma’s

Quiet and Sneaky- this grandma never raises her voice, she doesn’t have to. She gets around and never asks for a thing and always listens intently. But be watchful, because she might catch you off guard with her sneaky ways.

What Grandma Wants for Christmas

Bold and Boisterous- this grandma you can always see and hear coming. She is definitely no wallflower and she is always a delight at a party. However, she will always speak her mind, so you better be ready to take it.

Sweet and Silly- this grandma is a definite joy. She doesn’t come off as an obvious life of the party. Instead she enjoys giving you the floor, but she definitely joins in the fun with her overall sweet personality and jovial ways.

Dangerously Dramatic- this grandma loves her family with all her heart and would give anything for them. However she is the first one to announce the coming of her own demise with guilt inducing sayings like, “I hope I will still be around when you have kids.”

Particular and Planning- this granny shows her love in subtle but intentional ways. She is the planner, the one who always has things under control and is often referred to the "glue" that holds the family together.

No matter what your Grandma’s personality, they are a joy! To reveal the gift ideas, click here: What Grandma Wants for Christmas Gift Ideas.

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