• Mary Jane Mannella

Hear for the Holiday's!

Our friends at Advanced Audiology Consultants are offering a free "test drive" for hearing aides during the holidays. Many people are unsure if they need a hearing aide or are concerned with if they will like it after they buy it. These are valid concerns that Dr. Heiman has heard often.

Hear for the Holiday's

That’s why Dr. Heiman, as a leading provider of hearing aids in Chicago, offers this unique hearing aid test drive. This allows you to try out the hearing aids you’re considering, to see how they function in your usual environments. Even if you’re not currently a patient of Advanced Audiology Consultants, we invite you to take part in a hearing aid test drive.

Here are the specifics:

  1. Call now to reserve your hearing aids. These are the latest hearing aids on the market. There are a limited number available, so please reserve ahead of time to ensure availability.

  2. Dr. Dawn Heiman, Audiologist, will customize the settings on the hearing aid, based on the results of your hearing tests.

  3. You can borrow and “test drive” the hearing aids for one month. This will allow you to try them in a variety of situations and in all of your usual environments.

  4. Simply return the hearing aids in 30 days and share your experience. Feel free to ask Dr. Heiman any questions you may have, or ask for recommendations for a different hearing aid if this one didn’t work well for you.

If you hear better with these hearing aids, you can order your own pair. Dr. Heiman will customize them with the same settings. You’ll be confident that you’ve chosen the right hearing aid for you.

If not, simply give them back!

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