• Mary Jane Mannella

Home Safety Tips for The Elderly

When living with an elderly parent or a loved one, it’s understandable that you want the best for them. There’s no question that their safety is one of your primary concerns.

Due to health and mobility issues, it can become increasingly difficult for older adults to move around their homes safely.

Whether you are a senior who lives alone or you care for someone at home, here are some tips to keep your loved ones safe.

Light Up Your Home

As we age, our vision can change. Most seniors have visibility issues, especially at night. It’s absolutely crucial to make sure that your home; especially the bathroom, stairs, and hallway are well-lit. Invest in good quality lights to prevent falls, tripping and other fall accidents.

Clear the Floors and Stairs

Research shows that falling is a common cause of injury in the elderly. It can lead to minor and major injuries, which includes bruises, lacerations, intracranial injuries and fractures.

Wires and shoes to rugs and carpets— remove items that could lead to trips and falls.

Save Emergency Numbers

Always keep a list of emergency numbers saved on a phone or a phone book. This list should include numbers of close friends and family members and healthcare provider.

Avoid Bathroom hazards

A fall in the bathroom can have life-altering consequences. Seniors have a greater chance of falling in the bathroom because of the naturally slippery environment combined with muscle weakness, mobility and visibility challenges.

To prevent slipping in the bathroom, use a rubber mat, skid-proof the bath tub and install grab bars in the shower. Consider replacing the tub with a barrier free or low barrier shower to prevent falling while exiting the tub/shower area. Also, mark all faucets as hot or cold and put on the lights at night.

Focus on Stairway Safety

Install quality lighting on the staircase. Make sure that the steps have a non-slippery surface.

For many seniors, walking up and down the stairs can be a challenge. Installing a stair lift is an effective way to safely use the stairs.

A stair lift is a mechanical chair that can help disabled, immobile individuals or seniors travel up and down a staircase. Not only will the right stair lift enable a senior to access all areas of their home, it is also quick to install, use and maintain.

If you are searching for a quality stair lift for your home, get in touch with us. We provide straight, curved and outdoor stair lifts from AmeriGlide to customers in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

Apart from stair lifts, we also offer other mobility products, including wheelchair ramps, wheelchair lifts, grab bars and bathroom modifications (remodel) that will improve quality of life for seniors.

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