• Mary Jane Mannella

The Importance of Independence for Seniors

With their declining age and capabilities, many seniors believe that their independence is the only thing under their control. This makes them hold on to it for as long as they can. While doing things for them is your way of showing you care, for them, it can often rub them the wrong way!

A survey conducted by the AARP showed that 90 percent of elderly individuals preferred to live in their own homes instead of a senior community. It’s not just about their independence, though.

No one wants to leave the home where they built their family, where their children grew up. Moving them to a senior community isn’t just about their independence, you’re also taking away all those memories and attachments they had with the house.

A decade ago, maybe the thought of a senior living alone would have sounded scary. But thanks to the internet and technology, many seniors today are living independently and doing their everyday chores with little to no assistance.

Here’s why maintaining independence is important for seniors.

Maintains their Individuality

When you’re the one making all the decisions for a senior citizen or just doing their chores, the constant feeling of being a burden leads to feelings of depression and destructive behavior.

Even if it’s the smallest act of climbing stairs or doing their own groceries, it restores their self-confidence, making them more content and happier.

Promotes Activity

Retaining strength, balance, and activity plays a crucial role in a senior’s ability to stay active. The thought of being on their own motivates them to keep moving.

Taking away their independence means taking away their daily activities. Sitting on the bed all day makes them lose core balance and muscle mass.

A good balance is installing mobility products to assist them in climbing stairs or moving stuff around the house without needing assistance.

Slip-Proof Safety Inc. is a local company that has provided a wide range of mobility products to improve the quality of life for seniors for over 15 years. We understand how important it is to ensure their safety, which is why all our products are safety complaint. Our range of products includes ramps, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and scooters. We also provide services for stair lift installation to assist their everyday activities!

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