• Mary Jane Mannella

How Smart Devices Make Homes Safer for the Elderly

Many seniors desire to live independently as long as possible, but living alone can pose safety risks. If your loved one lives by themselves, you may experience anxiety or fear that they may suffer an accident and become injured in the home.

Smart devices can make homes safer for seniors, and make it easier for them to remain independent rather than have to move to a community living environment. Below are a few smart devices that can improve seniors’ safety in the home, and help relieve stress for caregivers and loved ones.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is technology that uses motion sensors, or sometimes voice activation, to automatically turn on the lights when someone enters a room or moves in the dark. It eliminates the need to physically turn on the lights and the time someone would have to spend walking in darkness. Installing smart lighting in the home can be helpful for people of all ages, but is even more useful for seniors, especially those who are prone to falls.

Seniors can add smart lighting anywhere in the home where they may spend time in the dark, such as the bedroom, or other high-risk areas.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are becoming increasingly popular, and seniors may be particularly poised to benefit from the in-home gadget. Smart speakers like the Amazon Alexa and Echo may be programmed to contact loved ones, caregivers, and emergency services through voice commands, which makes it much more likely you or your elderly loved one will be able to get in touch with the people they need during an emergency. While the speakers may be placed anywhere in the home, they are especially beneficial when placed in high-risk areas where one may be prone to accident or injury, such as the bathroom.

Smart speakers may also be used to set up voice-activated lighting, serving as both a smart speaker and smart lighting.

Smart Watches

Smart watches like the Apple Watch are a relatively new technology and have become very popular with those looking for a convenient, wearable, all-in-one device. In addition to performing smartphone functions like sending and receiving text messages and activity tracking, smart watches may also be used as medical alert devices. There are several available apps to download for smartwatches that allow users to easily connect with caregivers or other preferred contacts during an emergency. This feature can be lifesaving, especially for those who live independently.

In addition to traditional smartwatches on the market, some medical alert device companies have started offering their own versions of the wearable device. Smartwatch-style medical alert devices typically do not offer all of the same features as standard smartwatches, but they often offer enhanced services compared to standard medical alert devices and may be more appealing for some seniors due to their sleek appearance.

Increase In-Home Safety with Smart Devices

It is normal for seniors to wish to remain in the home and live independently as long as possible. Smart devices like the ones discussed above can help mitigate some of the risks if yourself or a loved one wishes to age in place. Products that we offer like stairlifts and grab bars can also make life easier and safer for seniors who live independently. Contact us to learn more.

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