• Mary Jane Mannella

Why Vertical Platform Lifts are a Must Have in your Home

Whether you’re an elderly person dealing with mobility issues or a person with disabilities, manipulating a stairs if wheelchair bound is a challenge for you. Vertical platform lifts are just the solution you need. Powered by hydraulics and electrical energy, these platforms are designed to assist individuals in moving up or down the stairs with their wheelchairs. All they need is to get on the platform with their wheelchair and press a button that will raise them up similar to an elevator. With a weight-bearing capacity of 600 lbs, these lifts can be used to lift the individual up to 14 feet of height. If you’re worried about a possible collision with an obstruction as the lift lowers down, these lifts are equipped with safety sensors that stop as soon as they sense an obstruction in their pathway. Here’s a list of reasons why installing vertical platform lifts are an ultimate modification for your residential and commercial properties.

Residential Benefits

Increased independence is perhaps the biggest reason to install these lifts in your home. Moving around a multi-story house can be quite challenging for seniors, especially for those suffering from some sort of physical impairment. Thanks to vertical lifts this is no longer a problem.There’ s no need to worry about the seniors getting dizzy or missing a step, as these lifts will safely move them up or down, without having to get off their wheelchair. Instead of waiting for someone to assist them in climbing the stairs, seniors can use vertical lifts to transport themselves with just a touch of a button. In addition, installing a vertical platform lift is a more economical and practical for someone who chooses to stay home versuss the expense of an assisted living facility.

Commercial Benefits

If you’re a commercial property owner, installing vertical platform lifts can assist the elderly customers with navigation and wheelchair accessibility is required by law in most cases. A vertical platform lift requires a much smaller footprint than a traditional elevator and is meant to accommodate one person at a time. When the property does not have the space for a ramp in compliance with ADA standards, a VPL is the perfect solution.If you’re planning to make your homes or commercial property access get in touch with Slip-Proof Safety Inc. We have an extensive range of mobility products including vertical platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps, and stair lifts.

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