• Mary Jane Mannella

How A Scooter Can Help Seniors Be Self-Sufficient and Mobile

We all remember the time when our kids were toddlers and needed our assistance with everything. We reveled in the idea of them being dependent on us, and as they grow up into independent teenagers and adults, they put in all their efforts to return the favor.

Aging is both, a beautiful and a challenging process that brings along a million memories and maybe the feeling of being somewhat dependent on your loved ones. As we get older, we find our mobility being limited due to declining health.

Thankfully, there are many accessibility equipment that let you have the freedom to move around comfortably. Mobility scooters are the ideal solution for aging seniors, who have difficulty walking longer distances but would love to enjoy a day outdoors with family and friends.

According to a recent research by TUC - Disability Statistics Center, over 1.7 million, out of 6.8 million assistive device users use mobility scooters. Here are top 4 benefits of owning one;


Owning a scooter will boost your emotional well being as it lets you do what you want, when you want and “wherever” you want. You can go shopping, to the park, to your friends without having to be reliant on anyone.


Mobility scooters can go up to 4–8 mph; that means it will get you to your places on time without getting tired. They provide you with ease and comfort.

No License or registration

As long as you have a genuine need to operate a mobility scooter, you don’t require license or registration to operate a mobility scooter—except in Queensland, which offers free registration. They are confined to 10km/h and pedestrian areas only, hence not classified as vehicles.

Allowed on Public Transport

And here’s the good news; you’re allowed to take your mobility scooter on public transportation systems and other accessible vehicles. Furthermore, most airlines allow you to check in your scooter as oversize luggage and allow you to take them along.

Ready to Go?

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