• Mary Jane Mannella

How Grab Bars And Walk In Tubs Make Shower Time Easy For Parkinson’s Patients

For people with Parkinson’s disease, daily basic activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and maintaining personal hygiene becomes a challenge. Parkinson’s disease is progressive and requires precautionary measures to reduce difficulties and discomfort for your loved ones and keep them secure. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that approximately 36–68% of PD patients experience falls due to gait disturbances.

Having a loved one with PD, your utmost concern is their well being and happiness. Here’s a list of things you can do to ensure their safety while bathing.

Install Grab Bars and Hand Rails

Get your bathroom equipped with grab bars and hand rails. These should be installed beside toilets, sinks and in the tub or shower in accordance with the height of the care receiver. And remember; towel bars or faucets should never be used as a support.

Non-slip Grip mats and Rugs

First off, cleanliness is the key! Keep your bathroom free of moisture and mold. For further precautions, place non-skid rubber bath mats in bathtubs and shower stalls, and place rubber-backed bathroom rugs and mats on the surfaces.

Install shelves

It’s going to be easier for a PD patient, if all the bath items are accessible to them without having to bend to pick items. You can install shelves in the bathtub or shower where items can be stored between the shoulder and knee level.

Get handheld Shower heads

Using a handheld shower head will prevent bending and the extra efforts while showering. It makes bathing easier on a shower chair or a tub transfer bench.

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