• Mary Jane Mannella

How Installing Stair Lifts Improve the Quality Of Life for Aging Seniors

As our loved ones age, they may experience a decline in their mobility. A task as simple as walking up and down stairs becomes daunting and complex for them. But it’s more than just difficult; limited mobility leads to higher fall risks and injuries.

A lot of people even consider shifting to a one-level home or shifting their beloved senior to senior living facilities for their own safety. However, for some people neither of these options are acceptable.

A solution is installing a stair lift in your home. Installing a stair lift is imperative to improving quality of life for seniors or those with limited mobility.

Increases Independence

The most bothersome and stressful thing for aging parents is entirely relying on someone else for the completion of daily tasks. You may like doing their work, but it makes them feel like a burden. Installing a stair lift at home can allow them to easily navigate inside the house without asking for your help to go upstairs. Give them the gift of independence in the form of a stair lift!

Sense of Security And Protection

Most seniors fear taking the stairs because of the fear of falling and getting injured. It might even make them feel insecure to go upstairs without having any support by their side.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the ratio of life-threatening falling incidents among all falls is one is to five (1:5). A lot of these result in serious head injuries and bone fractures. The same report states that nearly 3 million aging adults who are injured by a fall are admitted into hospitals as an emergency.

These statistics justify their fear of falling, but you can help them overcome it by getting a stair lift installed.

Stair Lifts Are Comfortable and Easy To Use

An intelligently chosen stair lift will be compatible with the existing stair case in your home. Most stair lifts are also very user-friendly, and comes with easy controls. They activate through the press of a button. Also, most stair lifts have two remote controls, so the stair lift can be “called” to the proper location.

Enhance the quality of life for your beloved aging senior—we’ll help you out! At Slip Proof Safety Inc., we offer an extensive range of AmeriGlide accessibility products including home stair lifts, lift chairs, vertical platform lifts, wheelchair ramps, scooters and more.

Our experts will also provide you with a reliable stair lift installation service! To learn more about our products and services, contact us now!

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