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4 Things to consider when buying a vertical platform lift

For your loved ones with limited mobility, navigating around the home can be a stressful task as their limited accessibility makes them feel like a burden. Vertical platform lifts are an effective accessibility solution for your loved one who uses a wheelchair or a mobility scooter. Investing in one can be very fruitful, but getting the wrong one installed can add to your worries and stress.

Here are 4 important things you must consider before choosing the right platform lift for your home.

Have the height for your lift measured professionally

If you want to get it installed indoors, make sure to get the height from your floor to the ceiling measured by a professional, before placing the order. However, for outdoor installations, your hired professional will measure the vertical height from the floor to the first step of your staircase. Any miscalculations can add to the complexity of the installation process and may result in an unaligned installation.

Customize the Design to Improve the User-Friendliness of the Lift

Keep the two major factors before picking a design for your vertical platform lift:

  1. The structure and size of the wheelchair

  2. The access door or entrance of the platform

Before buying a vertical platform wheelchair online, it’s important to check the size of the wheelchair and ensure its compatibility with the size and structure of the lift. The lift should be spacious enough to easily change the direction of the wheelchair inside it, and easily move in and out of the lift.

Look For the Added Safety Features and Devices

Other than the design, structure, and size of the lift, there is one more thing that must be kept in mind: are there any added features or devices for the safety and protection of the users? Make sure the lift has an emergency button, grab bars, manual controlling valve, remote controller, etc. Any other security device or feature is just a cherry on top.

The Drive Systems

The commonly used drive mechanisms are screw drives, guided chains and hydraulic drives. Screw drives cannot be used with a battery; however they are less expensive as compared to hydraulic drives, which can work with a battery backup. Discuss the drive mechanism with your manufacturer in detail to understand the requirements, longevity and smoothness for each drive. For instance, if you go for a hydraulic drive, you will also need some space to place the fluid tank.

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