Mobility Scooters & Accessories

Scooters are a great way to gain independence and mobility.  There are many options to choose from these days.

Things to consider when purchasing a scooter:

  • Reliability of Manufacturer

  • Ease of Disassembly for Transport

  • Weight Capacity

  • Seat width/depth

  • Turn radius

  • Per Charge Range

  • Type of Steering

  • Availability of Replacement Parts

If you are looking to into accessibility / mobility products give our care coordinators a call.  They will answer your questions and get the right product to you.

Pride ® Mobility is the Leader is Scooter Industry

Since 1995 Pride Mobility has been the leader in the scooter and powered wheelchair industry. Leading the way with their innovative technology and strict adherence to safety measures they have become unbeatable in the marketplace.  They continue to grow and support their consumer base by investing in research and development and sustaining the acclaimed notoriety for reliable and durable products.  However, when you purchase a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, you are not only investing in the product, but the manufacturer.  Any electrical product will require service or at least maintenance at some point during its life.  Pride Mobility has been well established for a number of years and requires the same level of commitment by its distributors.  As a carefully selected distributor for Pride Mobility Scooter products, Slip Proof Safety is authorized to provide the best possible pricing available online anywhere and we are authorized for service and maintenance management.   With Slip Proof Safety partnered with Pride Mobility, the Chicago area is well supported to make sure you get the longevity out of your scooter or powered wheelchair you expect.  When you make the decision to invest in your freedom, don't get held back by non-dependable second hand providers, go for the best..... the leader.

Pride ® Mobility Disassembly Options

When purchasing an electric scooter or powered wheelchair, it is important to consider how you will transport your scooter?  Prides feather weight assembly technology allows for the units to be disassembled easily and into smaller, more easy to handle pieces.  For example, the Revo 2.0 3-Wheel mid size luxury scooter is built for rugged terrain with a heavy duty drivetrain and yet disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces.  The heaviest piece weighs 48 lbs. This technology makes it easier for consumers to find a product that fits with their lifestyle without limits. If you don't want to disassemble, they have that covered too.  The Pride Mobility Go Go Folding Scooter collapses into a compact size for transport. Still only 51 lbs without the batteries, this scooter makes it possible to travel with ease. Pride Mobility Scooters have truly thought of every need, and along with Slip Proof Safety we want to make sure you get to go where you want to.

Comfort is key for Scooter Choice

When purchasing a scooter, the driver's size, weight and stature.  Different scooters are designed to address all different sizes and needs, so make sure to pick accordingly.  If someone is 248 lbs and chooses an electric scooter rated for 250 lbs it most certainly will work.  However, the higher weight, the harder the unit has to work and the lower your drive per charge on the scooter. It is therefore recommended to consider long term goals when selecting a scooter and pick one that gives you a little "wiggle" room. Same advice for stature.  Make sure to select a scooter that has an adjustable tiller and/or seat. And speaking about seats - there are a variety of width and depth sizes available as well, so make sure to choose one that will offer comfort for the entire ride. If your not sure, what scooter will be comfortable, make sure to take advantage of the white glove delivery option from Slip Proof Safety.  We will come out and completely set up your new scooter. Our trained technician will make sure you test out the comfort of your new scooter. If for any reason it is not the perfect fit, we will make a recommendation for a more appropriate item. *(Slip Proof Safety will take back the original scooter and apply the funds to a new/different unit.  Any surplus in charges will be returned back to the customer and any additional charges for a new unit may apply.)

Going the Distance with Pride Mobility Scooters

When driving a scooter it is important to know how fast can I go, on what terrain, how far and how tight can I make turns?  This is why Pride Mobility makes so many different models in order to ensure everyone has the opportunity to go, where they want to go.  Every scooter defines the terrain and distance per charge. Non-scuff tires make sure its a welcomed scooter in retail locations and the zero turn technology  helps you turn on a dime. Pride Mobility is feature rich with options to handle any circumstance.  So pick where you want to go, there is a scooter waiting for you.

Deciding on a Scooter or Powered Wheelchair -What's the Difference?

The three determining factors for deciding which to purchase, a motorized scooter vs. powered wheelchair, depends on driving preference, where it will be used and is it possibly covered under Medicare.

Driving Preference - Mobility scooters are equipped with a tiller and handle bars, as opposed to a  using a joystick. An electric scooter typically has three or four wheels, whereas an electric wheelchair typically has six wheels or more. Most power chairs have two large drive wheels and four smaller wheels called casters for added stability.  It is important to ask if while driving you would pull up to a table and remain seated, or if you would park and get out. Typically power chairs are used for those who don't get in and out frequently and require more maneuverability indoors.

Indoors or Outdoors - Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs are designed for indoor and outdoor use, and some for challenging terrain.  However, the zero turn technology and the maneuverability of the Jazzy Sport power chair make handling tight corners inside the home easy. Scooters have reflective LED lighting for darker, outside conditions.

Medicare Coverage - While we can't tell you if Medicare will cover anything, it is often time worth the time to consider the benefit.  Sometimes Medicare will approve a scooter or powered wheelchair if it is medically necessary.  Please consult with your doctor and medicare prior to your purchase as refunds are not usually awarded.  Once you have the approval, Slip Proof Safety will be happy to help you.  If you don't get the approval, we can still help you to make sure you find the perfect solution.  After all - that's what we do!

Service and Support

When choosing an electric scooter or powered wheelchair, whether it is medically necessary or just for enjoyment, the product is only as good as the maintenance, service and support. That is why investing in two companies, Pride Mobility and Slip Proof Safety, who is tried, true and tested for over 15 years, is like making an investment in your future. You will have the service and support you need, when you need it with unsurpassable experts in the field.