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An AmeriGlide stair lift keeps you safe and gives you and your loved ones the peace of mind that everybody deserves. The chair is equipped with a seat swivel feature that safely swivels you from facing the stairs, to facing the landing.  A backup power feature that comes standard ensures you will not get stranded on the stairway in the event of a power outage. There are even built in sensors that will stop the climber in the event that something is on the stairway.

People are living longer today according to the National Institute on Aging. 

With people living longer lives comes the need to accommodate them in a way that nobody used to think about.


Here are the main options that most people have to choose from:

  1. Do nothing and risk falling or not using part of their home

  2. Move to some sort of assisted living facility – This is very expensive and you have to leave your own home behind

  3. Hire a caregiver or get help from loved ones – This doesn’t help when the caregiver is absent

  4. Modify your existing home to accommodate your current needs – This is by far the most affordable and desired option for most people


By installing a stair lift in your home, you are saving yourself thousands upon thousands of dollars that you would otherwise spend to live somewhere else. 


When deciding if a stair lift is right for your home or family, consider the cost savings you’ll enjoy, even after just a few months of ownership in most cases.

Ameriglide Rubex Stair Lift

Ameriglide Rubex Stair Lift

Starting at $1,940.00

AmeriGlide Stair Lifts & Now Brooks Stair Lift Installers

There are 3 types of Stair Lifts:

  • Straight Stair Lift

  • Curved Stair Lift

  • Outdoor and Heavy Duty Stair Lifts

Ameriglide Horizon Stair Lift

Ameriglide Horizon Stair Lift

Starting at $1,799.00

Ameriglide Horizon Stair Lift
  • 300 lb weight capacity

  • Wireless Call Station

  • Safety Sensors

  • Comfortable Chair Seat

Ameriglide Rave Stair Lift

Ameriglide Rave Stair Lift

Starting at $2,153.00

Ameriglide Rave Stair Lift
  • 350 lb weight capacity

  • Arm mounted control

  • Keeps reserve charge

       for emergency

  • Single bracket mount

Ameriglide Rubex Stair Lift
  • 350 lb weight capacity

  • Wide seat & thick pad

  • Ultra strong cable grade


  • AC & DC models available

Ameriglide Curved Platinum Stair Lift

Ameriglide Curved Stair Lift

Starting at $5,795.00

Ameriglide Curved Platinum Stair Lift
  • 350 lb weight capacity

  • Completely custom

       to any staircase

  • 90°, 180° and spiral

  • Available in 4 colors

Today's stairlifts, do not require any structural changes to the home, and they do not damage the stairs or home decor. The stairlifts are designed for quiet, efficient operation, powered by batteries under the seat or by regular house current.


Some top things to know when considering adding a stairlift to your home include:

* Stair style. Choosing the right stairlift for your stairs helps you get the most from the product. Each stair lift is designed specificlly for straight stairways, curved stairways or an outdoor stairways such as front steps or patio steps. The modular style of allows for easy installation without structural changes to the home.

* Safety features. All models include multiple safety features. The chair and built-in footrest typically fold up when not in use, allowing for easy passage on the stairs. The Ameriglide stair lift also features sensors on the foot platform that will stop the lift when triggered. In addition, it includes a remote control component to make it easy for family or others to operate. The stairlifts also includes safety belts, lockable swivel seats and light touch controls for easy operation by individuals whose dexterity is limited.