What Does Grandma want for Christmas?


Statistics tell us that seniors want to stay in their home at least 5 -10 years more. (90%)

They also feel confident in their ability to do so.  85% anyway.

And statistics tell us 70 year olds plus say they feel a strong sense of purpose and passion about life and their future.

With all this positive information it is important to realize that in order to make this happen for your loved one, we need to protect their independence with vigilance!

Fall Prevention is an important topic to discuss with your loved one because it is the #1 Enemy of Independence.  

No one will admit they are struggling or that they are worried about falling, because they are afraid of having their independence taken away.

As you visit for the holidays, check to see if you are being proactive in Fall Prevention.

Tips for Fall Prevention

  • Toss out Throw Rugs

  • Increase/Improve Lighting

  • Use carpeting on stairs

  • Be mindful of medications and effects

  • Take care of your nutrition and hydration

  • Watch pets that can get under your feet

  • Have your vision checked and proper glasses

  • Use/Install Grab Bars, especially in the bathroom

  • Install a Stair Lift, quit carrying things up/down the stairs

  • Wear supportive, properly fitted shoes in the home

  • Use Grab Sticks for High to Reach or Out of Reach Items

  • Schedule appointment with Fire Dept to change and check smoke detector

If you would like to be Proactive in Fall Prevention for you or a loved one, contact us today for more information.

Be Proactive Against the Enemy!

Your information is safe with us.  We will have a Senior Safety Coordinator contact you for a free consultation on how to make your environment safer for your loved one.

Stair Lift for Safety

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